Meditation In Noise

Problem to do meditation in a noisy atmosphere

The current era is full of disturbance with so much noise around us. People are complaining about it while they get suggestions to do meditation to get peace.  They get distracted due to lots of disturbance in the environment and they drop the idea of meditation and eventually, they again suffer the same problems. 

How to deal with this problem?

Now, this scenario is normal in day to day life hence it may be possible that we can not get a peaceful place or environment all the while. We need to develop the technique or process to use noise for our meditation.

Suppose we are sitting in a room, garden or anywhere where we found lots of noise around us and they are loud enough that we can not listen to meditation music or mantra.

In this situation, we will use that noise as a meditation tool. How?

Suppose there is machinery running with louder noise continuously, then focus on that noise only and do normal breathing. As it is creating noise then it would be good enough to focus on that noise.

What needs to do?

By focusing on that noise we will only observe that noise during meditation. Hence we have used our environment as a meditation tool.

Suppose there is loud music, churning of birds, discussion of people is continuously going on then during meditation which is more convenient, focus only on that noise.

During focus on any noise or voice do just normal breathing without creating a burden on the mind.

It is a foolproof technique proved in the current situation where we are living in a noisy atmosphere. Human has cultivated his behaviour or nature according to his surrounding. The same thing can be applied in meditation.

Do not give up quickly, sometimes it takes some more time. But eventually, It is possible to do meditation in any situation.

Here you go !!
Good luck !! 


  1. Woow, I hopin to see you next dude

  2. I always wandering due to noise around me but now I got solution, Thanks

  3. I was looking for this kind of technique. keep it up sir

  4. Awww bingo man, its time to follow you

  5. It is really helpful for my office area

  6. It is cool to do in work place

  7. Use noise as a meditation tool, Awesome!!

  8. “Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful info with the how-to’s!!!! It is so appreciated!!!”


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