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5 States of Mind

Chitta is one of the four parts of consciousness. The part of Chitta takes into account subjectivity, one's passionate response, influenced by what it sees and its own tendency. For instance, on the off chance that a severe taste influences one contrarily, at that point one's view of an unpleasant tasting organic product will be negative. The other three parts of the mind are manas (seeing psyche),  buddhi (insight) and ahankara (self-image). The 5 states of mind in which  consciousness  lies are: Kshipta –  Distracted mind Mudha –  Dull or Lazy state of mind Bikshipta –  Partially focused mind Ekagra –  one-pointed mind Niruddha –  Fully absorbed mind 1. Kshipta – Distracted Mind Kshipta or dissipated is the least and most basic condition of the psyche which shows during waking hours. This state is ruled by the "rajas" guna due to the most time in waking hours associated with some physical or mental action.  Right now, an individual shift