Don't be Struggler, Be Warrior !!


"The path of the Warrior is lifelong, and mastery is often simply staying on the path." 

- Richard Strozzi Heckler

Around the world, if we look at the people narrowly, we will found that the majority of people struggling for one thing or people to another. When he or she wakes up early in the morning and eventually go to bed at night, everything seems struggling for him or her.

Life is a journey, one has to earn everything by hard efforts like warriors do.


Life of warriors is the full responsibility of everything even minor act happens in his life. The life of warriors teaches us to action is more powerful than speaking about action. It is already experienced by thousands of people that saying and doing both are different things. We speak many things to do but when we actually perform we fail. It happens, and it is normal if we fail than not doing anything.


The classics square measure a reminder that conflict within the past and in our own up to date time is real and on the face of it never-ending despite our greatest efforts to measure with others peacefully. As humans, we tend to continue with a number of identical fears and unknowns as these ancient stories relate.

There are two main motivations: external motivation and internal motivation. External motivations lead us to the end result we want to achieve. This is usually based on comfort. We are interested in being comfortable. In other words, we want to feel comfortable after reaching the lowest point. Inner motivation drives us into the process we want to go through. This is usually based on stress; the motivation for stress is our motivation, ideally the stress we want to experience. We hope to feel pressure when participating in the experience.

 My new decision on mountaineering requires a change in my motivation. When I decided to work for my father’s company, it was an unconscious end result, a motivation based on comfort. This gave me work and financial security based on comfort. In order to understand my new career, I had to evaluate the pressure. During the development of Camino del Guerrero, the pressure was great. The psychological preparation of climbers was unknown. The information about it was very high. less. Let us live the lives of warriors. 
 What makes warriors different from ordinary people is the way they drive them. Ordinary people lose consciousness because of comfort. Warriors are not victims. They consciously chose the definition that they wanted to cause stress. Warriors seek this experience because they are hunters with impeccable personal abilities. When a person falls into an unknown world, pressure makes it possible to seek power.
 Now, my life has become meaningful. I like to participate in the slow and intense teaching process and to find the process of using new methods. I want to be emphasized this way. I can see that in the 20 years when I was 80 years old, I would still lead a meaningful life.

"A warrior takes responsibility for his acts, for the most trivial of acts."




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