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Life has meaning: Live It !!

Don't just exist, Live !!!
Life has some meaning, find it and live it.

Meaning of LIFE !!!

LIFE...The topic of the significance of life is maybe one that we would prefer not solicit, inspired by a paranoid fear of the appropriate response or scarcity in that department. 

Still today, numerous individuals accept that we, mankind, are the making of an otherworldly substance called God, that God had a keen reason in making us, and that this savvy design is "the significance of life". 

I don't propose to practice the different contentions for and against the presence of God, and still less to agree with a particular stance. In any case, regardless of whether God exists, and regardless of whether He had a savvy reason in making us, nobody truly realizes what this reason may be, or that it is particularly significant. 

The Second Law of Thermodynamics expresses that the entropy of a shut framework, for example, the universe increments up to where harmony is come to, and God's motivation in making us, and, undoubtedly, the entirety of nature, may have been not any more grandiose or elevating than to catalyze this procedure in a similar way that dirt living beings catalyze the disintegration of natural issue. 

In the event that our natural design is to go about as super-effective warmth dissipators, at that point having no reason at all is better than having this kind of direction—since it liberates us to be the creators of our motivation or purposes thus to lead genuinely stately and significant lives. 

Truth be told, having no reason at all is better than having any sort of pre-decided reason, much increasingly customary, elevating ones, for example, serving God or improving our karma. 

LIFE is a journey !!!

"I believe that life is a journey towards God, and that no one has the right to insist that you go a certain road." 
- Pat Buckley

All life is an journey, not a home; it is a street, not the nation; and those transient satisfactions which you have right now, in their way,— those coincidental and fleeting joys which you may taste,— are not home; they are little hotels just upon the street side of life, where you are invigorated for a minute, that you may take again the explorer staff and excursion on, looking for what is still before you—the rest that leftover portion for the individuals of God.

To put it plainly, regardless of whether God exists, and regardless of whether He had a clever reason in making us (and for what reason should He have had?), we don't have the foggiest idea what this reason may be, and, whatever it may be, we would prefer to have the option to manage without it, or if nothing else to overlook or rebate it. For except if we can be allowed to turn into the creators of our own motivation or purposes, our lives may have, even under the least favorable conditions, no reason by any means, and, best case scenario, just some unimaginable and conceivably paltry reason that isn't based on our very own preference. 

You may protest that not to have a pre-decided reason for existing is, truly, not to have any reason whatsoever. Yet, this is to accept that for something to have a reason, it more likely than not been made in view of a specific reason, and, additionally, should at present be filling that unique need.

“Life is problems. Living is solving problems.”

― Raymond E. Feist, Silverthorn


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